Welcome to GCSSA – a tight-knit community of passionate educators! Established back in 1966, GCSSA began as the Cuyahoga County Superintendents’ Association and has since grown to embrace members from across northern Ohio.

At GCSSA, we’re all about making education better for everyone involved. Our members include superintendents from school districts, career centers, educational service centers, and boards of developmental disabilities. We’re united by a shared commitment to enhancing educational programs and operations across our region.

Our organization exists to:

  • Enhance educational programs and operations in member school districts.
  • Elevate the status of school superintendents.
  • Spearhead new programs and initiatives.
  • Advocate for educational policies and trends.
  • Take collective stances on key issues.
  • Serve as a unified voice for our members.
  • Collaborate with professional organizations to improve educational opportunities.
  • Safeguard the interests of free public education.

Together, we’re shaping the future of education, one innovative idea at a time. Welcome to GCSSA – where educators come together to collaborate and grow!